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Tired of me already? Or just simply tired of hearing me rave about Nova? You're in luck. Below is a list of links to places other than Micropink. If you have a Nova-related page, you must tell me, so I can link it. Or if you simply want to swap links with me, that would be great too...just give me an email and I'll get back to you! You can use the buttons below to link me, if you so wish!

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Nova Links
Pure Insanity
This Nova site is a must-see if you're into multimedia! Insanity has lots of .wav files from both Japanese and American versions! It's also my sister site!
Pagina Nova Y Hikaru
Lots of info, speculation, and essay type material, which is always a big plus with me. It's worth the visit, despite it being in Spanish. ;)
Playing With Fire
A rather new site, and some of the stuff isn't up yet, but it's still worth a visit. It's the only site with a substantial amount of Nova fanworks(!!)
Nova's Dimension of Silence
A very new Nova site, but I'm sure it will improve later on. Anything with Nova in it has to wind up good in SOME way...

Rayearth Sites
Realms of Fire
Simply designed, and one of the more well-rounded Hikaru sites I've seen. !
A unique and beautiful site for Fuu Hououji The style is much different from all these popup java sites I've been seeing. Long live simplicity!
Water Sprite
Another simply designed site. Fun to poke around in. :)
Run Spot, Run!
As the title suggests, a very spiffy Rayearth page based more on humor than information. If you've seen a good portion of the series, and just want a couple laughs, go here.
The Light and the Dark
If I didn't know any better, I woulda thought this name would have led to a Nova site! As it is though, it is a thoroughly beautiful and comprehensive site on Guru Clef! Clef fans will want to visit this page.
MKR Page Reviews
Surprisingly, the only MKR review team out there. At least that I know of anyway. Go visit now!

Miscellaneous Pages

Zania-chan's site! If you love pictures and fanart, this is a good place to go. Zania has lots of pictures from various anime. She also made me buttons! :D
The Ultimate place to find fanfiction. You can find all mine under the pen name Elektra-chan. ^^
Satsuki's shrine to CLAMP
Just what it says. I wrote some fanfic awhile back, and she was going to post it on this site soon. ^^

Link Pages
A very well-organized page with links to a great many villain shrines, including Micropink!
Anime Turnpike
Yet another huge links site, with links to pages on almost every anime you could think of, plus lots of extras!

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