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This site was something I thought would never get underway. I've always liked Nova, and was sorely disappointed at the little coverage, and general dissing she gets on web pages. I found two whole pages dedicated to her on the Anipike; that was all.

Another reason is that I've always liked doing sites on characters who were under-appreciated, or who I think are generally misunderstood, like my site on Esmeraude of Sailor Moon. And I also like doing sites on characters who aren't covered very often, simply because it gives me a chance to be unique. It's a lot harder to create a Nova shrine than it is to create a Fuu shrine, but the rewards are that much sweeter. :D

This project had been in my mind for months before finally materializing, and I have put quite a bit of thought and effort into it, so I do hope you enjoy what micropink has to offer.

Disclaimers: Nova and MKR are copyright to CLAMP, Kodansha, and probably several others. micropink is a fansite, and I make no money from this shrine. I do however, take credit for the custom made graphics, as well as writing the articles and summaries especially made for this page unless otherwise noted. Please be kind and do not copy them!

Thank you all, and enjoy the site!


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