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This part of the site was up sooner than I expected, due to some contributions from an avid Nova fan, as well as my own ideas. It's incredible just how many characters share some of Nova's traits. I'm tired of saying this, but here goes. SPOILERS AMUCK! If you don't want to be spoiled, go back.

Candidate #1
Name: Liquid Snake
Submitted by: Jeremy R. 'Bishop Mox Guy' Racicot homepage
Role/Story: The evil psychotic brother of Solid Snake, and the main bad guy of the Metal Gear Series.
Reason: Liquid's relationship with his brother Solid Snake is very much like Nova and Hikaru's. More info is available here. Check the features section and look for History of Metal Gear...

Candidate #2
Name: Kira Nerys (Star Trek Alternate Universe)
Genre: Star Trek
Submitted by: Jeremy R. 'Bishop Mox Guy' Racicot
Role/Story: Kira Nerys is Major Kira Nerys in an alternate universe.
Reason: According to the series, Kira is a complete and utter wacko who caused nothing but trouble for Major Nerys. There is also the fact that this rabble-rouser was from an alternate universe like Nova.

Candidate #3
Name: Demon Urd
Submitted by: Elektra-chan
Genre: Ah! My Goddess
Submitted by: Elektra-chan (yours truly)
Role/Story: Demon Urd is the result of Mara separating Urd's goddess and demon halves. Reason: Just like Nova is Hikaru's negative side, Demon Urd is Urd's negative side. The way Urd and her doppelganger treat each other is just like Nova and Hikaru's relationship.

Candidate #4
Name: Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider
Submitted by: Jeremy Racicot
Genre: Spider-man Comics
Role/Story: Not much is known except that he's a clone of Spider-man.
Reason: The Scarlet Spider is a full-fledged clone of Spider-man, an exact replica. Nova isn't an exact replica, but she *is* a clone.

Candidate #5
Name: Souji Mikage
Submitted by: Elektra-chan
Genre: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Role/Story: Souji Mikage is the ghostly puppet master and the main antagonist of Utena during the Black Rose Saga. info
Reason: Mikage is a doppelganger in its truest form. He is the living, ghostly existence of a man presumed to be long dead, only kept alive by Akio's will. There is also the eerie fact that he has pink hair and committed arson...

Candidate #6
Name: Lore
Submitted by: Jeremy Racicot
Genre: Star Trek
Role/Story: TNG, Data's "brother", Lore was created by Dr. Sung before him.
Reason: He looks exactly like Data, and is unmistakbly demented and evil. >:D

Candidate #7
Name: Black Raiya
Submitted by: Fou Lu
Genre: Japanese RPG Game (unknown right now)
Role/Story: Black Raiya is another form of Raiya, bent on killing her. Interesting thing about this clone, is that she's very calm and quiet, very much the opposite of Raiya.

Candidate #8
Name: Link
Submitted by: Neko
Genre: Legend of Zelda(unknown right now)
Role/Story: In the game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the main character, Link, has to fight Dark Link as a miniboss in the Water Temple. He's hella hard to beat, because anything you can do physically or with a sword, he can do as well. And usually a lot better.

Got any other Nova-like characters to be added on this list? Please, give me an email. You'll get full credit and a free link to your page!

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