Split in Two
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Split in Two

Authoress' Notes: This chapter gave me a lot of headaches, but lots of loose ends have been tied up in preparation for the last few chapters. If you *still* don't know who spoke to Nova in the first part of Chapter 4, slap yourself. As always, C & C is always appreciated, just be gentle. As always, C&C would be very much appreciated.

Magic Knight Rayearth is property of CLAMP. I am naught but a lowly fangirl.

Chapter 5: Revelation: The Reprise


With a puzzled look on her face, the knight of fire looked in the direction of the exclamation only to see Nova with her hair all frizzed out, and breathing heavily. The bright, ruby eyes were naked save the expression of immense relief. To see this coming from Nova, Hikaru was slightly shocked.

For despite the few months she had been around Nova, the memory of an unstable and twisted girl was still fresh in her mind. Hikaru wanted so badly for Nova to be one with her again, but she knew that in order to do such, she must face the fact she didn't want to face. That no matter how hard you may try to prevent someone you love from leaving you, that no matter how hard you may work to keep the person from doing such, that it would happen anyway. Dear Eagle was proof of that.

She felt like crying. Why couldn't she accept the fact that the people she loved would eventually die? Knowing it was really the only thing she could do at the time, at least until her faith in human mortality was revived again, Hikaru reached out and extended both her arms to her mirror, who immediately jumped into them. Much to Hikaru's surprise, she found Nova's lips feverishly pressed against her own; long slender fingers lacing themselves around her neck gently. Unlike her previous overtures though, Nova's touch was desperate, her gaze searching, wishing...



The supreme mage of Cephiro looked up, only to see the dark face of Lantis. He said nothing, but continued to stare at the Kailu, as if urging him to continue.

"You have an idea of what's going on, don't you?"

"That's just it, Lantis. An IDEA, not a fact. I'm just as stumped as the rest of you."

Lantis sighed, slightly exasperated. Clef smiled somewhat at the younger brother's impatience. It was very rare when Lantis displayed such an emotion. Even around Zagato, Lantis was cool and aloof. +Hikaru must really mean something to him.+ thought Clef.

"Doushi. I'm not in the mood for mind games right now. Whatever is going on between Hikaru and her dark part isn't good. At this point, I'm willing to look at almost any idea, however ludicrous it may be."

Clef's smile faded as he looked down at his kneeling pupil. The Kailu's hands were clenched into fists, and balled at his sides. Perhaps it would be best to share his insane ideas with him after all.

"You remember what Hikaru said to Fuu and Umi, right after they hugged each other?"

Lantis nodded once. "She asked them to never leave…" He trailed off, a thought bursting into his mind like a Roman candle. His violet eyes found Clef's, and suddenly, he understood. "You're thinking that the reason she hasn't let Nova return to her heart is because she doesn't want to be left alone?"

"Yes and no." replied Clef. "I think that Hikaru wants to keep Nova around, so that she'll always have at least one person who will never leave her, unless she herself dies. And who better to fit that bill than Hikaru herself?"

The Kailu thought hard. "So in other words, it's no longer about Hikaru accepting herself, but accepting the fact of human mortality?"

"Exactly. Hikaru takes the inevitable state of death very seriously. When she tries her best to prevent the death of a loved one, she almost takes it as an insult if they die. She thinks that Nova, a facet of herself, will never leave her, because Nova IS her."

"That's sad." Lantis mused softly. His heart constricted at his young love's tragedy, and he felt very depressed, remembering the death of Eagle in particular. She had loved him almost as much as she loved himself, and she couldn't do a thing about his demise...

Suddenly, Lantis's train of thoughts dissolved, as a familiar 'puu-ing' sound came from behind him. Turning around, he watched as Mokona 'puu-d' and hopped in Clef's lap. The gem on its forehead was now a beautiful glowing purple rather than it's usual red. Usually, he didn't pay much attention to the fluffy creature, but Mokona seemed to be puu-ing more than usual.

Clef listened intently to Mokona's odd chatter, and his turquoise eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

The fluffy thing puu-d rapidly as if in response, and Clef looked up at Lantis.

"The Creator has just confirmed Hikaru's state of being."


Hikaru closed her eyes as Nova kissed her. This was the way things were meant to be. She would always love Umi and Fuu, and her heart had been given to Lantis as well long ago. She always kept her promises; she had no intention of leaving those she loved, and was loved by.

But Hikaru also knew, that they could always leave her. That they could suddenly die without warning, and leave her. Leave her behind, leave her forever, leave her...alone.

"You'll always be here for me, won't you?"

The rosy-haired doppelganger laced her slender digits through Hikaru's own, squeezing them slightly. The gentle gesture spoke more volumes to Hikaru than any of her declarations of love ever could. Looking into those gorgeous ruby eyes, a pair of eyes almost identical to her own, Hikaru saw, and felt, a state of eternity.

Hikaru knew that to ask her friends to exist forever, when they had no such power to guarantee such a thing, was rude and inhumanely selfish. Therefore, she would ask herself:

("You'll always be here for me, won't you?")


End Chapter 5
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