Split in Two
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Split in Two

Authoress' Notes: The beginning of the end, which I already have done. I think there's one or two chapters left before the final one. Oh yeah, and I scared myself writing the first part. o_O

Magic Knight Rayearth is copyright CLAMP and Kodansha. I am naught but a lowly fangirl. As always, C&C would be very much appreciated.

Chapter 4: Falling Apart

"You should not Exist, Nova."

The disembodied voice whispered softly in her ear, chilling her heart and soul. She spun around on her heel, and saw nothing but faint, white, smog. Whose voice was that? It didn't sound like anyone she knew; yet Nova felt that she should.

She fought back the lump rising in her throat, her body shaking in a mixture of fear and rage at the entity's impertinence. She forced herself to remain calm. "You again! How many fucking times do I have to tell you? I didn't ask to exist! And I hate talking to air. Show yourself or shut up."

There was a pause, but then the genderless voice continued, smooth and placid as a millpond. "You have seen me before, Nova. I take on many different Shapes. I came to warn you that you and Hikaru do not have much time. Get your Act together, or you both will Die."

Nova collapsed to her knees, terror and an insane hysteria she never thought could exist were coursing through her veins like wildfire. She forgot all about her original plan of staying calm as raw, unheeded tears streamed from her eyes. "Go to hell! You know nothing! Do you bother Hikaru at all? I wanted to be one with her from the beginning, she's the one who won't let me!!"

A strong pair of hands reached down, and gently lifted Nova to her feet. "In cases like this, it is never one person's Fault. You were once able to read Hikaru like a book. You should still be able to, and yet you do not. You do not Believe that you are worthy of being a part of Herů"

Nova turned around clumsily to see who or what the hands belonged to, but all she saw was a glittering red gem centered and shrouded in thick, white smoke. It flashed to violet as she eyed it, and Nova's mouth opened, venting itself in one cold, cheated scream...


Nova awoke with a start, pale and livid, her heart racing. Desperately, she tried to remember what message she had received, but found herself too scared to think clearly. Her thin, icy digits clutched at the afghan she had tucked around herself as she fought blindly to remove it.



Somehow, the frozen clone managed to disentangle her limbs from the constricting blanket and left the room in search of Hikaru. Her heart ached from both the nightmare and the knowledge that something happened to her positive mirror. She had to find out what....


Hikaru opened her eyes sleepily, and found herself in a bed that was not hers. The room was dimly lit, with a figure hunched over in a chair. Squinting in the semi-darkness, her eyes widened.


The Kailu almost jumped at being spoken to, and found himself staring into the pair of beautiful carnelian eyes he knew so well. "Hikaru...are you all right?"

The fire knight looked at him. In the shadows, Lantis looked more gaunt than when she met him at the fountain. "I feel fine. Why...did something happen to me?"

"You don't remember?" There was a genuine curiosity to his words. "You had fainted on me while we were by the water fountain. Clef was really worried, as your heart had stopped beating for a short moment there."

Hikaru blinked, and then felt a cold chill at her boyfriend's words. "I'm so sorry I scared you, Lantis."

He shook his head, and took both of her hands in his, kissing the inside of her small palms lightly. "Don't be sorry. This has something to do with Nova, doesn't it?"

Before the redhead could answer to that, the door opened, exposing a pair of big blue eyes. "Hey all! She's awake."

The door opened further, and Hikaru found herself surrounded by her two best friends and many of the castle dwellers. She was very much touched at their obvious worry.

"Oh, Hikaru, I'm so glad you are okay!" cried Umi, embracing the somewhat bewildered girl. Hikaru felt slow, hot tears fall down her face. She must have been in serious danger, as even the ever-so-polite Fuu hugged her with a sudden fierceness that was unusual for her.

Slow, hot tears made their way down Hikaru's cheek at the gesture. "Don't...don't leave me." she whispered softly, more to herself than to her friends.

Both Umi and Fuu heard her, and looked at each other. "Of course we won't leave you, Hikaru-chan. We're best friends!"

Lantis watched silently as the three girls embraced. His violet gaze caught the aquamarine one of Clef's, who seemed to be thinking hard, as his brows were furrowed. Without another word, he left. And ever curious, Lantis followed him...

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