Split in Two
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Split in Two

Authoress' Notes: Things heat up a little bit here. I'm thinking of removing the humor subcategory, and replace it with mystery...this thing's turning out a lot darker than I originally intended. As always, C&C would be very much appreciated.

Magic Knight Rayearth is property of CLAMP. I am naught but a lowly fangirl.

Chapter 3 -- Embrace, Love, and Then Some

Hikaru sat on the bench of the fountain, waiting for Lantis. He was unusually late for their meeting, an incident she didn't expect to happen from him. As she waited, , her heart overflowing with love, her mind far away from Nova and their current problem. Whether it was due to the fact that Hikaru had never had a boyfriend, or simply the fact that she loved him, the Kailu had that effect on her. And despite outward appearances, Lantis had proven to Hikaru time and again, that he was far from cold and aloof once you knew him.

In fact, after being around Lantis for more than a month, Hikaru could hardly call him cold at all, but wonderfully passionate and warm, with strong beliefs and morals. She found herself talking more to Lantis about things that were bothering her more than to her best friends, as for the most part, he simply listened and didn't lay the blame on Nova, or blame himself for not being strong enough like Umi and Fuu did a lot.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps. Hikaru turned around as Lantis sat down beside her on the bench of the water fountain. Looking up into the infinite violet depths, she saw that he was much gaunter than usual, and looked as if he hadn't slept in ages. She lay a hand on his arm shyly.

"Are you all right, Lantis?" As soon as she said those words, she felt stupid. They both shared the uncanny streak of self-reliance that irritated their loved ones to no end, a streak of independence that would not accept help from anyone else unless it was absolutely necessary.

"I'm fine, Hikaru-chan. I didn't get much sleep last night, that's all." He smiled somewhat, and chuckled. "You know how much sleep I require."

Hikaru giggled. "Uh-huh. Eagle was like that too. You two were much alike." Much to her dismay, she felt the words form an invisible wall of silence between them. It was the first time since Eagle's death that either of them had brought him up. Deceptively fragile with bravery, and a will of steel to rival her own. He saved Lantis and herself countless times, most notably during the battles they fought with Nova...


"You were much like Eagle as well." Lantis replied softly. "I see him in you often, you both had such magnetic, willfull personalities. You still do, in fact."

When Lantis looked down at her tense posture, he sighed internally and put his arm around his young girlfriend. Though usually a happy person, if she did something wrong, she would dwell on it for an abnormally long time. And as he didn't want to see her head down the endless labyrinth that was self-hatred and misery again, he continued on, his voice rich and soothing.

"It wasn't your fault, you know that Hikaru." The red-head nodded, and fought back tears. She missed Eagle greatly, but there was nothing she could do, or could have done. It was in the past now, and she knew Eagle would want her to be happy. Besides, she had Lantis to worry about now. She smiled back at him, and felt herself hugging his slender figure as if it were the last time she would see him.

The Kailu continued to hold her, and she slumped against him as if in relaxation, her warm body leaning on his. It wasn't until he looked down at her five minutes later that he realized something was amiss.

Hikaru was relaxed all right. She had fainted.

End of Chapter 3

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