Split in Two
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Split in Two

Authoress' Notes: 'Split in Two' is my first attempt at a multi-chapter fan-fic. It takes place after the end of Rayearth 2, except that Hikaru and Nova are unable to merge, due to an unknown rift in their hearts, which causes much distress to those around them. I would call this a drama, but at the same type it may get a little humorous. C&C would be very much appreciated.

Rayearth and all it's characters are property of CLAMP.

Prologue: The Dilemna

Hikaru smiled at her otherself through tears of happiness. The poor creature who had caused her so much pain and agony, yet only doing it to do the red-head a favor had stretched her arms towards her. They were finally going to be united as one again.

“Come back.”

Nova smiled back, and floated forward. Hikaru closed her eyes and waited for the girl to return home again. It didn’t happen. Hikaru opened her eyes, and met Nova’s. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t return, Hikaru.” Her voice was very quiet, but her carnelian eyes were full of tears. “I can’t return at all.”

Hikaru frowned. “But…you are me, aren’t you? I can’t see any reason why you can’t return. I need you to return, and I want you a part of me again."

“I need you too…but something won’t let me.” Nova’s shoulders slumped and she began to cry softly. “I don’t know why.” The pink-haired doppelganger buried her face into her gloved hands, tears continuing to fall.

The Knight of Fire looked sadly at Nova, but before she could respond, Umi and Fuu had made their way to her. “Hikaru, is anything wrong?” asked Umi. “We have to go fight Debonair now…we know where she is.”

Hikaru felt like crying herself. “You guys…something’s wrong. Both Nova and myself can’t merge.”

Fuu looked at Umi, and then at the miserable duo, utterly confused. Umi looked frustrated, and Nova looked completely woebegone. She turned to Hikaru again. “I don’t understand, Hikaru. I thought Nova was your shadow, and that once you were at peace with yourself, she’d return.”

“Clef, Nova and I though so too. I just don’t get it.” replied Hikaru. Confusion was slowly taking the place of sadness on her face. We had this nice little talk, and both of us wanted to be one again. But for some reason, we can’t merge at all.”

Umi, who had been an unusually silent witness to the dramatic scene, finally spoke. “I’m no good with this, but maybe you should ask Clef after we polish off Debonair." She turned to Nova. “Um…Nova?” The pink-tressed shadow looked up at Umi with slight fear in her eyes, as Umi looked rather irritated.

“We’re not going to hurt you.” said Fuu soothingly, gracefully cutting Umi off. “Just wait here, and then we’ll talk with Clef after we get back.” She turned to her friends. “Let’s go.”

Hikaru nodded and gave Nova a hug before she left with her friends. “I’ll be back.” she told her.

End of Prologue

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