Quatre Interviews NOVA?
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Quatre interviews Nova

This piece of amusement was not written by me, but one of the many talented fiction writers on fanfiction.net; Darkstar. Be sure to email her with feedback if you like it!

Quatre Interviews Nova

Quatre: Hey, Quatre here and today I'm here to interview Nova from Magic Knight Rayearth.How are you doing today Nova?
Nova: I'm alright. Are you a friend of Hikaru?
Quatre: Um... no. I don't know Hikaru.
Nova: Oh darn, that means I can't kill you.
Quatre: I beg your pardon.
Nova: Everyone Hikaru loves I hate. I hate them so much. If you were a friend of Hikaru, I would have killed you.
Quatre: You...You were gonna kill me!
Nova: Well, I supose that if I get bored I'll kill you. So I guess for your sake you better keep me entertained.
Quatre: Uh...Uh... Okay. How about I ask you some questions. Since that is what I'm supposed to do. *Shifts abit in his seat feeling very nervus and uneasy*
Nova: Oh alright.*Leans back in the chair and pouts*
Quatre: Okay first question. Why do you want to kill everyone?
Nova: Because they get in my way. Hikaru should think of me and only me.
Quatre: Um.. Okay, next question If you were stranded on a desserted island, What is the one thing you would want to take? A Banana? Or a sock puppet?
Nova: Why would I want to take either of those?
Quatre: I don't know Duo wrote that question.
Nova: I'd take the banana.
Quatre: Why the banana?
Nova: Never under estamate the power of a banana!
Quatre: What about the sock puppet? *shows Nova sock puppet*
Nova: So we meet again my worthy advasary. Today I shall fight you and I shall be the victor! *points to the sock puppet*
Sock Puppet: ...
Quatre: It's not real, It's just a sock puppet-
Nova: Flame Arrow. Yah!!! *a flame shoots towards Quatre, who's holding the sock puppet *
Quatre: Ahhh! *jumps out of the way of the flame*
Nova: Victory!
Quatre: You, burned my chair. And the sock puppet Trowa gave me *tears*
Nova: Yes, but I also defeated the sock puppet.I'm getting bored...
Quatre: Uh, Oh. Next question: how did you-sajht ni car Hip Pretzil? Duo, you shouldn't be drinking at all!
Duo: Shup, hick. Wha'd you say 'bout my brother.
Quatre: You don't have a brother.
Duo: I don't need a take this, hic! I'm jo- go step Wahhh. *trips and falls in a garbage can* Hick! hey alright a peanut! Hik!
Nova: This is boring. Let's play, Quatre.
Quatre: Play, uh, play what?
Nova: My favorite game of course. *wicked grin*
Quatre: I don't think I like this...
Nova: *grabs Quatre and dresses him up like Hikaru, and puts a braded red wig on his head.*
Quatre: Why am I dressed in a red school girl uniform? *looking unconfortable*
Noin: *Off camera* You don't like being dressed up like a girl do you Quatre? You look really unconfortable.
Quatre: That's not why I look unconfortable Miss Noin. I don't mind dressing up like a girl. I look unconfortable because I'm afraid of what Nova's going to do to me!
Nova: Alright. Time to play!
Nova: Flame Arrow! Yah!
Quatre: Help! Trowa please save me!
Nova: The game is called kill Hikaru! Flame Arrow Yah!
Quatre: *dodges flame arrow* Rashid, random minions, anyone, please save me! *dodges another flame arrow.*
*Dilandou appears out of no where*
Quatre: Ahhh! Dilandou!!! *trembling with fear*
Nova: Ruby, Lightning! *the whole set is on fire, and the audience is trying to escape.*
Dilandou: Yes! burn! Burn!! BURN!!!
Nova: Yah! *pulls out her sword and starts cutting things in half*
Quatre: *trapped in a corner* Please save me Maquanaq!
Random Minion: Master Quatre lets us help you.*Random minions and Rashid save Quatre*
Rashid: Master Quatre, are you alright?
Quatre: I wet myself again. But I'm alright.Thanks Rashid, minions ^_^
Another Random Minion: Master Quatre let's get out of here.
Quatre: Yeah, Lets go! *adresses viewers* Well are time is up today, until *gulp* next time.
*A few minutes later...*
Duo: *comes running out of the building* Ahhhh! My bottoms' on fire! My bottoms' on fire! My bottoms' on- *Duo's hair get wrapped around a nearby poll* Ahh! My hair's caught!... and my bottoms' on fire!


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