All Because I Love You
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All Because I Love You

This is the fic that inspired me to write 'Split in Two.' Feedback, whether good or bad would be very much appreciated!

You're crying, Hikaru.

It always seems as if you're crying lately, or on the verge of crying. And it bugs me. I'm used to knowing every little detail about you…your loves, your beliefs, your dreams, everything.

This man you love...this Lantis. He is so cold to the touch yet at the same time radiates great willpower. I can easily see how you fell in love with him. But why did I have to resort to capturing him? Why didn't you just let me kill the both of you? I remember what you thought clearly that day you killed Emeraude. You asked yourself if people who loved each other could really exist together after they died.

All I want to do is answer that for you! But…why won't you let me make you happy? Why do you sacrifice your chances at happiness? And why are you still crying? It just isn't making any sense whatsoever.


It's so strange. Now I feel like crying too. Don't you want to die? Don't you want to be with Lantis for all eternity? Don't you want to be one with me again? I miss you.


I feel so cold and empty. I've never felt this way before. The deathly chill in this castle…colder than death itself, it never seemed to bother me before. It's as if a thousand icy hands are clutching at me; I cling to Lantis for warmth, but find very little. For the first time in my life...I'm cold, and there's no way to explain it.

I didn't want to draw out Lantis' eventual death, but I'm gonna have to. And you will see...just how much better off dead this world is. A world of the living is beautiful, but a world of the dead is eternity itself. I will kill you and those you love. You will be with those you love forever and ever.

All because I love you, Hikaru.


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