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micropink v. 3.0 ::Chevy Nova!

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Tidbits on Nova's namesake car:

*The Nova started out as a car that Chevrolet needed to compete against the new compact-car wars that were heating up, and was designed straight from the drawing board, not from any other car. Ford came out with the Falcon/Comet, Chrysler came out with the Valiant/Dart, AMC had the Rambler American and Studebaker had its Lark. Although Chevy already had a compact car (the Corvair), the goal was to come out with a car that would compete with the new RWD compacts.

*It was once believed that the Nova sold poorly in Spanish-speaking countries because if you separate no from va, it translates into 'doesn't go', or 'no va'.

For the Nova's full history, go here for an in-depth story. Excellent way to kill time if you're really bored... :D

Picture of the Chevy Nova

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