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101 Reasons to adore Nova

She's cute.
Freakishly cute.
She has pink hair.
Lots of it.
Kinda makes her look like a hedgehog.
Her face looks like Hikaru's.
With a few quirks.
Such as big ears.
Really big ears.
Elven ears.
She's insane.
And psychotic.
Demented perhaps?
Nah, just misunderstood.
She loves to play.
'Playing' with Hikaru.
'Foreplaying' with Hikaru.
She kicks Fuu ass.
She kicks Umi ass.
Her Jap voice actress kicks ass.
The dub version is pretty good too.
Especially that laugh!
Ranks right up there with Esmeraude's.
She screams like the devil!
Nova has a mashin.
Its name is Regalia.
It's named for a car.
The Regal.
Just like Nova is.
The Chevy Nova.
She can bust swords made out of escudo.
CLAMP swords.
'Nuff said!
Her weapons are gold shafts of light.
Can be used for swordplay.
Or just slashing enemies.
She can combine the two and form a cross.
That almost always hits its target.
Usually on its way back. Three little words: Hikaru ga DAISUKE!
She can make weapons out of little toy tops
Just what in the heck were they?
Nevertheless, they're pretty cool.
She wounds Lantis.
She captures Lantis.
She nearly kills Eagle.
and Hikaru.
Her name means 'new' in Latin.
Nova's name, also translates to 'doesn't go' in Spanish.
When it's broken down to no va that is.
She's fun to Role-play.
Especially in all-anime RPGs.
She gropes Hikaru.
Blatantly gropes her.
For a full minute in episode 34.
She looks good in armor.
Spandex looks natural on her.
Spandex bodysuits.
She is a doppelganger.
We all love doppelgangers!
She has the ability to mimic Hikaru's attacks.
And stave them off.
All of them.
Two words: Mina DAIKIRAI!
She can phase.
Through walls.
And mirrors.
Debonair actually compliments her.
She was created specifically for the anime.
And only the anime.
She's extremely emotional.
And it shows.
She has a link on E.V.I.L now!
She's an extremist.
She loves her other self.
She's the sprite you love to hate. (thanks Michi-chan!)

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