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Nova is one of the lucky few characters who have good English and Japanese seiyuu. It's easy to tell the difference between the two, as each one does Nova in her own way, but both sides do Nova a great credit. Nova's JA seiyuu, Itou Miki, focuses more on the sadistic, seductive side of Nova. The range her voice has is just phenomenal...one minute seductive and sensual, the next minute threatening death or other tortures on Hikaru or her friends. She also has an unusually delicate singing voice...very pretty. You can get more info on Itou Miki here

On the other hand, her English VA, *Dorothy Melendrez, while she sounds a tad older than her JA counterpart, still does Nova very well. Most notably is her laugh, which I think sounds even better than Itoh's at portraying the fact that Nova has quite a few screws loose. And I love the way she says 'Hikaru.' Dorothy has done other roles too...you can find info on her here.

*Special thanks goes to Savior Sephiroth for informing me regarding Nova's English VA.

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