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nova attacks

Flame Arrow: Besides being the same as Hikaru's, this attack, is probably the main key to understanding just who and what Nova is.

Regalia: Being Nova's mashin, Regalia is basically a twisted version of Rayearth. Look carefully, and you'll see that the differences between the two, are just like Hikaru and Nova. Regalia's outward armor is mostly black, like Nova's getup, while Rayearth's is red, like Hikaru's final Magic Knight form. Also, the faces on both mashins are almost identical, except for Regalia's pointy ears, and the slightly psychotic look, two features that are noticeable on Nova.

Gold Energy: This is the only real unique attribute of Nova's, and in my humble opinion, a very versatile one. Not only can Nova simply fire gold spurts of energy from the jewel on her glove, she can form two spears with the energy, and use them like swords. Kind of like Nanami from Utena. Since she has two, it is a major advantage. Nova has also been known to combine both spears into a cross, or x shape, and hurl it like a boomerang.

Tops: Like Debonair, Nova can summon/create several of these little brown top things, that are very destructive, especially when used in mass quantity.

Other: Much like Hikaru, Nova's gymnastic abilities are top-notch. She is extremely flexible, almost unnaturally so. She also has the ability to freak people out without even trying, transport several people at once into special dimensional pockets, increase her destructive powers by capturing others, and the typical villain abilities such as phasing through solid objects, and levitation.

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